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On the 57th anniversary of Naksa, Al-Aqsa flood is a step on the path to liberation

Thursday 6-June-2024


On Wednesday, June 5th, the 57th anniversary of the Naksa (Setback) or the 1967 War was commemorated, which ended with the Israeli victory over the Arab armies and its occupation of large swaths of Palestinian, Egyptian, and Syrian territories.

However, the painful anniversary falls today under different circumstances, in which the occupying state is feeling uneasy and fearing for its existence. After the launch of the blessed Al-Aqsa flood last October 7th, the equations have changed despite the great number of martyrs and heavy prices paid. The Israeli crimes and violations no longer pass without accountability, as announced by the Al-Qassam Brigades’ leader Muhammad Al-Deif.

The Al-Aqsa Flood: A step on the path to liberation

Islamic law professor Dr. Ahmed Al-Shahrouri told the Palestinian Information Center that the nation is riding the wave of the blessed Flood, which has emerged to be the real advanced step this time for the liberation of the land and the human being. He stressed at the same time that “there will be no more setbacks or catastrophes, and the nation is just a few steps away from victory and liberation, God willing.”

Al-Shahrouri said, “We were defeated in our creed while we deified human idols that engineered the defeat. Our ideological defeat was entrenched in our upbringing and cultural references.”

The disappearance of the slogans of the sole leader

Al-Shahrouri continued, “Our defeat, which they called the Setback, took from us, in addition to the ideological loss, a loss of identity. We have become torn apart east and west. We have forgotten that Damascus was once the capital of the Caliphate, and that Palestine was the gem of Syria where the broken-hearted sought refuge and were empowered, and where people sanctified their pilgrimage.”

Al-Shahroury pointed out that people today know the true size of each of their leaders, and they no longer remain silent about their shortcomings, not out of ignorance of their true nature, but due to factors that still subjugate them to their allegiance for security and existential reasons. The child can no longer be deceived by the lies of the liars on the path of liberating the land and the human being and other slogans of its kind fuel more deception and lying.

He added, “Despite the miserable condition of the exposed politicians in their cowardice in the arena of honor today, the nation is only a few leagues away from uprooting the objective conditions that empowered them. The nation is now riding the wave of the blessed flood that has erupted to be the true advanced step this time for the liberation of the land and the human being.”

The collapse of the invincible army’s lie

He continued saying, “On the fifth of June this year, the heroes of the West Bank stand in solidarity with the efforts of their Gazan brothers in their Flood, and the Zionist entity knows that the time of its arrogance has passed, and he even acknowledges that he was a cardboard lion. By the grace of Allah, we have lived to see the patience of the Palestinian child, and to see the courageous and long-suffering women offering their dearest ones and declaring to the world that they are the mothers of the valiant heroes, standing as eloquent orators in the battlefield, stirring the men.”

Al-Shahrouri said, “After a century of oppression and desecration of all that is sacred, the nation today stands within meters of regaining its lost self, and what will help it in the next step towards this goal is further awareness that distinguishes our friend from our enemy and removes from our path the concrete barriers of fear of the future. The generation has changed, and hope is pinned on the new generation to complete the breaking of idols and establish dignity through the cultivation of faith.”

He stressed that there will be no more setbacks or catastrophes, and the states that were built on oppression and injustice have seen their dire consequences, and however long the remaining remnants of the entities of oppression may last, the objective reasons for their demise are present.

For his part, Dr. Abdel-Jabbar Saeid, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Palestinian Scholars Abroad, said, “In commemoration of the Setback, we recall the defeat of the Arab regimes in the face of the myth of the invincible army, a defeat in a formal theatrical war. The falsity of that war, which led to the Setback, has revealed the steadfastness of our mujahideen and our valiant resistance for nearly nine months, a resistance with little armament besieged for more than seventeen years, but armed with faith whose goal is the liberation of Al-Aqsa and Palestine, and the freedom and dignity of our people.”

Saeid emphasized, “No matter how great the price we and our people pay, it is cheaper than the price of humiliation and disgrace under the boots of the occupation.”

He stressed that the commemoration of the Setback this year is overshadowed by the Israeli defeat on October 7th, “when our youth and mujahideen made the enemy taste what he had never tasted in his history, within a few hours, so the Setback became the enemy’s Setback, and no matter how much the enemy tries to modify his image, he will not be able to do so.”

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