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The Nuseirat operation: Evidence and proof of failure despite tactical success

Sunday 9-June-2024


After 9 months of a genocide the modern history has not witnessed the likes of, elite units belonging to the Israeli occupation army were able to free 4 captives, after bloody massacres that resulted in the martyrdom of more than 200 children and women.

The PIC correspondent confirmed that at 11 am on Saturday, the Nuseirat refugee camp was the site of one of the most heinous crimes of Zionist terrorism, where sudden and intense airstrikes targeted buildings, homes and cars, resulting in 600 martyrs and wounded.

He explained that the sounds of explosions and gunfire were shaking the central governorate, before the details of the special operation to free the four captives were revealed, after a campaign of extermination in a scene that breaks the heart and stamps a new disgrace on all humanity.

During the operation, other areas in the center of the Strip were also subjected to bombardment, including 4 houses in Deir Al-Balah and the vicinity of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, the only functioning hospital in the governorate.

The Government Media Office described the attack as savage, confirming that it directly targeted civilians, and that the intensity of the bombardment hindered the arrival of ambulances and civil defense.

The PIC correspondent pointed out that the occupation army used in the assault dozens of fighter jets, quadcopters and helicopters, in conjunction with ground and naval bombardment.

Palestinian security sources explained that a special Israeli force infiltrated the Nuseirat camp under air and ground cover from Israeli military vehicles, where that force surrounded a house and clashed with a number of armed Palestinians present in that house.

Filmed clips spread showing the occupation forces using an aid truck and a civilian car to carry out the operation, and the Axios website reported that Americans helped in the operation.

Tweet by Abu Obeida

Abu Obeida, the spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas Movement, said that “what the occupation carried out in the Nuseirat area in the center of the Gaza Strip is a compound war crime, and the first to be affected by it are its detainees.”

He confirmed in a tweet on Saturday evening that “the occupation army was able, through the commission of horrific massacres, to recover some of its detainees, but at the same time killed some of them during the operation.”

He warned that “the operation will pose a great danger to the detainees, and will have a negative impact on their conditions and lives.”

Details of the operation

According to Israeli websites, the details of the operation that have begun to emerge indicate that the occupation forces infiltrated the Nuseirat camp in humanitarian aid trucks to enter the area without drawing the attention of the resistance.

The Israeli TV Channel Kan reported that Palestinian resistance fighters chased the vehicle that carried the captives and opened fire on it, damaging it, and the occupation army was unable to bring a helicopter near the site and resorted to additional reinforcements and intensified firepower.

American involvement

It is beginning to emerge that Israel obtained external support from many international intelligence agencies. The British Declassified website, which specializes in politics and intelligence, mentioned that the British army carried out 200 aerial espionage missions over the Gaza Strip from December 2022 to May 2023 in support of Israel.

This comes after Israel used its maximum technological and firepower to eliminate the resistance and weaken its capabilities, but to no avail.

It also revealed American involvement in what happened in Nuseirat, as Israeli websites mentioned that an American official arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday to follow up on the operation, indicating that Washington had a pivotal role in providing intelligence information and participating with the occupation army in this operation, and the official was waiting on the pier that was built at the moment of the operation’s implementation.

The matter confirmed by the American website Axios, based on a US administration official, is that the “US hostage cell” in Israel assisted in the recovery of the captives.

For its part, Hamas Movement confirmed that the US participation in the criminal operation proves Washington’s complicity in the war crimes in Gaza.

Hamas, in a statement, added that what the Israeli occupation army announced about releasing a number of its captives after more than 8 months of the aggression on Gaza will not change its strategic failure.

The course of the war will not change

Experts estimate that what happened in Al-Nuseirat will not change the course of the war, as the previous operation to recover two detainees and the discovery of the bodies of some detainees killed by the Israeli bombardment did not result in a significant change in the course of the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

The resistance continued to exhaust the occupation forces and inflict heavy losses on them, as the occupation penetrated into many areas of the Strip but then withdrew and was unable to translate this into the liberation of any of its prisoners.

The course of the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip shows that the occupation army is suffering heavy losses. According to Israeli Channel 12, reserve units in the army have started searching for volunteers to fight in Gaza through advertisements on the WhatsApp application.

The Israeli channel added that the advertisements for searching for army volunteers come amid a severe shortage of soldiers in the reserve units.

The channel quoted a reserve soldier as saying, “There is a massive state of exhaustion among the soldiers, and great pressure from families and workplaces.”

Regarding the operation in Al-Nuseirat, a similar operation took place last February, when the occupation army was able to recover two detainees in Rafah, south of the Strip, in a military operation that coincided with intense bombardment of the city, which resulted in the martyrdom of 63 citizens, mostly children and women, with the participation of the army, police and Shin Bet.

What happened in Al-Nuseirat may give Netanyahu and his allies a chance to catch their breath and present what happened as an achievement credited to them, and it may push Netanyahu and the United States to become more rigid in the ceasefire negotiations and try to put pressure on the resistance to make concessions and agree to what is being proposed, according to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

But the course of the negotiations and the position of the resistance indicate that what is happening will not affect its position and will not push it to make concessions that are not commensurate with its achievements on the ground and the magnitude of the sacrifices made by the people of the enclave, which helped the resistance in its position, according to Al Jazeera.

In addition, the resistance may not later accept the United States as a mediator, and will deal with it as a party to the war. And if new mediators are brought in, this will give strength to the resistance in the negotiations.

Moreover, the resistance was able last month to capture a number of occupation soldiers in Jabaliya, and it still retains dozens of prisoners, and it appears that the resistance has prepared itself for a long and complex battle, as military experts and the resistance’s own statements say.

In any case, the declared goal of the occupation since the start of its war on the Gaza Strip remains to end the existence of the Hamas Movement, recover the captives, and eliminate the resistance and its capabilities, which has not been achieved so far.

Tactical achievement

For his part, the military and strategic expert Hatim Kareem al-Fallahi described the Israeli occupation’s rescue of 4 captives in the Nuseirat area in the center of the Gaza Strip as a tactical achievement, and warned the resistance factions that the Israeli army will carry out similar operations.

Colonel Al-Fallahi, in an analysis of the military situation in Gaza, said that the Israeli army succeeded in rescuing 4 captives out of a total of 130 or more, which means it is merely a tactical achievement, noting that Israel had previously failed to reach the captives and some had been killed by its army.

Colonel Al-Fallahi warned that the Israeli military operation in the Nuseirat area may push Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to opt for military pressure in order to reach the rest of the captives.

He expected that the operation to release 4 captives would be the beginning of other military operations in the region, and the Palestinian resistance factions should take this into account.

He said that the released captives will undergo a very detailed investigation process in order to learn many details that can help the Israeli security services reach the rest of the captives.

No strategic importance

Military expert Mohamed Al-Samadi, for his part, downplayed the strategic importance of the Israeli operation in Al-Nuseirat, considering it a mere tactical success.

Al-Samadi continued in an interview, “What was done militarily was an operation to liberate captives, but it was accompanied by a savage process, tyranny, brutality, injustice, debauchery, genocide, and the commission of all types of abominations against innocent civilians in the Al-Nuseirat area.”

He said in a press interview that “the operation to liberate the captives will indeed support Netanyahu’s position in the war internally and externally, but we are talking about more than 8 months of fighting, and yet the occupation army failed militarily, media-wise, and morally in this war.”

Therefore, the military expert believes that the occupation army and the right-wing government are looking for any form of success to strengthen their position, since despite its enormous military arsenal and the army that is ranked 14th in the world, the occupation has not been able to achieve any of the declared war objectives.

Al-Samadi added, “Yes, the occupation army has achieved many successes at the tactical level, knowing that the comparison of forces is absolutely in favor of the occupation army, but the will to persevere, the doctrine of fighting, and the determination of this heroic Palestinian fighter to continue resistance operations are in favor of the resistance, and this has contributed to balancing the imbalance in the balance of power. Therefore, in my opinion, these successes do not rise to the strategic level.”

Regarding how this operation supports Netanyahu’s position, represented by his desire to continue the aggression on Gaza, Al-Samadi said, “At the domestic level, it will strengthen and support his position.”

“But regarding the families of the captives, this operation will not cause a major change, as this type of operation carries a very high-risk factor in the form of the possibility of killing the captives during the liberation process in future operations. In contrast, the families of the captives want a peaceful exchange deal,” he elaborated.

He pointed out, “The occupation army and Netanyahu are now betting on reducing the combat capabilities of the resistance and exhausting its capabilities, and they are trying to prolong the fighting until the resistance depletes its anti-tank weapons and missile capabilities.”

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