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For the first time in decades, war deprives Gaza students of secondary school exams

Saturday 22-June-2024


The General Secondary Education Examination (Tawjihi) began this morning Saturday in the West Bank and Palestinian schools abroad, while Gaza students are deprived of participating in it for the first time in decades; due to the Israeli war of genocide.

According to the Ministry of Education, 50,000 students headed to the examination halls in the West Bank and abroad, excluding the 39,000 students from the Gaza Strip, due to the ongoing Israeli aggression since October 2023.

The number of our students in the five schools abroad (Turkey, Qatar, Romania, Bulgaria, and Russia) is 216, in addition to the Gaza Strip students who left the Strip, distributed in 29 countries, mostly in Egypt, totaling 1,090.

The exam session started at 9 am local time in Jerusalem, and includes the sections “Literary, Scientific, Sharia, Entrepreneurship and Business, Agricultural, Industrial, Hotel, and Home Economics”, with the number of students totaling 50,097, while the total number of workers is about 20,000, distributed as follows: supervisors, administrators, technicians, and workers.

According to the Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza, for the first time in many decades, the General Secondary Education (Tawjihi) students in the Gaza Strip will not be able to sit for this important exam stage due to the genocidal war waged by the Israeli occupation army on the Gaza Strip, which has entered the second half of the eighth month.

The GMO spokesperson confirms in his data that around 40,000 students from the Gaza Strip out of 90,000 students across Palestine will not sit for the General Secondary Education Examination due to this ferocious war waged by Israel and blessed by the US administration, amid the incapacity and failure of the international community to stop it.

He pointed out that the occupation army completely destroyed 110 schools and universities during this war, while 321 schools and universities were partially destroyed.

Furthermore, the occupation army killed hundreds of General Secondary Education students during the genocidal war, whether by bombing homes over their heads, targeting them in the tents of the displaced, or killing them in the streets as part of the crimes of genocide, and these are among the 10,000 martyrs from university and school students killed by the occupation army.

Loss of the academic year

The GMO spokesperson pointed out that the war of genocide waged by the Israeli occupation army has wasted the academic year on school and university students, as it continues and bombards schools and universities, and has destroyed the future of the students in a way that shows and demonstrates the brutality of the occupation army and its practices.

He believes that the greatest damage fell on the General Secondary Education students, as it is an important stage that transfers students from basic education to university education and then to their future, and therefore, about 40,000 General Secondary Education students were affected by this brutal war.

The GMO spokesman emphasized that from the very first moment, “we have been demanding that the world stop this war in order to restore life to the Gaza Strip, restore education, and revive all sectors. However, the Israeli occupation army continues with full brutality, killing, and bombing in this aggressive war.”

The spokesman held the US administration and Israel fully responsible for the crime of genocide against civilians and students in the Gaza Strip, and called on all free countries of the world to put pressure on Israel to stop the war of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The Education Ministry spokesman, Sadiq Al-Khudour, explained in a press statement that 450 students of the General Secondary Education exam were martyred this year due to the aggression, including 20 students from the West Bank.

He pointed out that 1,320 male and female students are scheduled to take the Tawjihi exams in 29 Arab countries, including 1,090 who are present in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

He mentioned that the ministry’s teams have opened the largest hall in Egypt, in addition to opening special halls in Russia, Turkey, and Qatar, while the exams will be held in the embassies of the rest of the countries.

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