Tue 9-July-2024

Fleeing, terrified, and dying, a journalist’s testimony from northern Gaza

Monday 8-July-2024


“On top of our famine, we are increasingly fleeing, terrified and dying,” these are the words with which journalist Mahmoud Al-Amodi, who is residing in the northern Gaza governorate, summarizes a part of the horror and tragedy experienced by the residents of the north during the past (Sunday) night, where the random shelling and gunfire did not stop for a single minute.

In recorded videos on his Facebook account, Al-Amodi says, describing what happened, “I do not know how we are still alive until this moment, and I do not know if we will remain alive, after what happened last night.” He continues, “This is the evacuation bag, and we are waiting to leave at any moment.”

The journalist said, “The first night in the tenth month may be the most difficult night throughout the war, as the bombardment did not calm down, the barrages did not stop, and the random shelling did not cease, with the occupation army advancing from various directions.”

He added that the bombardment did not stop for a single minute throughout the night from everywhere, land, sea and air, in a random manner, making the situation “very frightening”.

He expressed his pain over what is happening in northern Gaza, saying, “We were displaced in the evening and at dawn, and there are many besieged and others lying in the streets,” noting at the same time that the situation is terrifying, and unimaginable, “for we are living the most difficult days of the war now.”

He continues, “Hopefully, these days of grief and distress will go away and better days will come.”

On the other hand, he described the famine in the northern Gaza governorate, saying, “There is not a single bakery open in the north of the Gaza Strip.”

“We cannot even find the most basic food item, a loaf of bread, tens of thousands of the displaced find nothing to eat now,” he underlined.

Sudden incursion
The Israeli occupation forces penetrated southwest of the city of Gaza at dawn Monday, causing a massive displacement of the population, while neighborhoods in the city and in central Gaza Strip were subjected to intense raids that resulted in many martyrs and wounded.

Our correspondent reported that the occupation forces suddenly advanced in the vicinity of the University and Industrial areas in the southern outskirts of the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood south of Gaza City, amid intense barrages and violent shelling.

He added that the occupation aircraft carried out intense raids at dawn Monday on various neighborhoods of the city of Gaza, before advancing from two axes; the western axis, and the Dahduh roundabout south of the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood, and deploying in the vicinity of the universities and the industrial area, besieging a number of families and the displaced in that area.

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