Sat 13-July-2024

Humanitarian aid

GMO condemns Israel’s prohibition of aid entry into Gaza for 65 days

The Government Media Office (IOF) in Gaza condemned the ongoing Israeli and US administration’s prohibition of the entry of humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and goods into the Gaza Strip for 65 days in a row.

Significant decline in Gaza aids, condemnation of Israeli attacks on hospitals

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced that the amount of food and humanitarian aid entering the Gaza Strip has decreased by two-thirds.

WHO & Gaza health ministry call for immediate delivery of humanitarian, medical aid

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on Israel to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid, food, and medical supplies to Gaza, and to allow the urgent evacuation of about 700 seriously ill and injured patients for treatment outside the Strip.

Hamas: No substitute for land crossings to deliver aid to Gaza

The Hamas Movement has reiterated its rejection of any presence of military forces in the Gaza Strip, stressing that the US-built floating pier in Gaza City must not be a substitute for land crossings that are used for the delivery of all humanitarian needs to the coastal enclave.

Humanitarian organizations confirm systematic Israeli attacks

Representatives of several humanitarian organizations said on Wednesday that the Israeli attack that led to the killing of western relief workers demonstrates, above all, that non-governmental organizations operate in an unsafe environment in the devastated and besieged Gaza Strip.

Rights Organizations: Deliberate targeting by IOF of the WCK convoy executed in 3 Stages

Three Palestinian human rights organizations affirmed that the Israeli occupation army targeted the World Central Kitchen (WCK) team in three stages, indicating that it was a deliberate and intentional act contrary to what the army claimed.

Civil Defense appeals for saving Palestinians in Rafah from exposure to infectious diseases

The Palestinian Civil Defense in Gaza appealed to the international community, the United Nations, and the League of Arab States to provide relief to thousands of displaced Palestinians in Rafah.

Media Office: Gaza needs 1,000 aid trucks daily to recover from war impacts

The Government Media Office in Gaza has revealed the amount of aid needed daily by the population of the coastal enclave in order for them to recover from the impacts of the brutal Israeli aggression.

Maarouf: Int’l organizations have no role in easing Gazans’ suffering

Head of the Government Media Office Salam Maarouf has affirmed that there is a complete absence of efforts by international organizations to alleviate the dire humanitarian suffering of the Gaza people “who have been facing barbaric Israeli aggression for about two months.”

UNRWA: Over 40 percent of Gazans are severely food-insecure

“Over 40 percent of Gazans are now severely food-insecure which means that they are regularly going a day without food” UNRWA affirmed in a new report on Wednesday.