Tue 11-June-2024

Palestinian Forum

PFB invites wide participation for its Scottish Branch launch

The Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB) extends a heartfelt invitation to participate extensively in the inauguration of its new branch in Scotland.

PFB condemns German police raid on Berlin Conference to silence solidarity with Palestine

“We are appalled to see that German police have stormed into a conference in Berlin organized in solidarity with the Palestinian people, the Palestinian Forum in Britian (PFB) said in a statement on Friday.

Participants in ACD contribute 20000 pounds to the earthquake victims

Hundreds of members of the Palestinian and Arab communities as well as those interested in Arab cultures and in solidarity responded to the call for solidarity with the victims of the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey launched by the Palestinian Forum in Britain.

PFB calls on Britain to apologize for issuing the Balfour Declaration

On the hundred-and-fifth anniversary since the Balfour Declaration the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB) calls on the UK Government to apologize for the Balfour Declaration and take the necessary steps to correct this grave injustice.

PFB Invites Muslims to Eid Al-Fitr Celebration

The Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB) is inviting all Muslims for the Eid Al-Fitr prayer and celebration at Byron Hall west of London joined by the well-known Egyptian Imam and reciter Sheikh Muhammad Jibril.

PFB hosts 6th Iftar for Palestinians in Britain

The Palestinian Forum in Britain’s annual Palestine Iftar is a social religious and cultural occasion where Palestinian families convene during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Palestinian Forum in Britain launches Palestine Festival

The Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB) in has announced the launch of the 2021 Palestine Festival and its activities.