Fri 19-July-2024

Palestinian heritage

Tel Zu’rub: An ancient neighborhood in Rafah targeted by IOF

With increased killings, destruction, incursions, and targeting of archaeological sites, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continue to defy the International Court of Justice's order to cease their aggression on Rafah.

Historic building of Al Khalil municipality seized, doors closed by IOF

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) closed the doors of the old building of al-Khalil Municipality in the West Bank, in the Ain Askar area in the city center, in preparation for seizing it.

Ramadan in Gaza: Food is scarce, but grief and despair are plentiful

For the 2.2 million Muslims in Gaza, Ramadan has historically been a time of joyous social gatherings, spiritual reflection, faith renewal, and cherished family reunions.

Palestinian Minister: Israel assault on Gaza’s heritage exceeds Mongol ravages

Israel is waging a war on Palestinian narratives through the destruction and looting of museums and archaeological artefacts in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Minister of Culture, Atif Abu Seif, said.

Israel’s war on Gaza Strip’s heritage sites

Since embarking upon its ongoing genocidal aggression against the blockaded Gaza strip last October, the Israeli occupation forces have deliberately attacked at least 200 cultural sites and historical monuments.

Israel destroys Gaza’s historical sites and landmarks

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said on Monday that Israel is carrying out systematic military attacks against historical sites and landmarks

Israel’s war erases Gaza’s religious and cultural heritage

The widespread destruction of historical site in Gaza deprives Palestinians of physical representations of their history and memories.

Israeli massacre in Gaza’s heritage sites revealed by GMO

The Government Media Office (GMO) confirmed that the Israeli occupation army destroyed more than 200 heritage and archaeological sites in the Gaza Strip.

Sabiat Alkhail outlast occupation in Gaza

In the warmly grandiose environment of Nusairat Refugee camp a march of horses and camels brings together all parts of the community and tribe in a joyful event called Sabiat Alkhail held a few days before the day of Palestinian Bedouin wedding.

Stitches of resistance in traditional Palestinian women’s dress

The traditional Palestinian womans dress known in Arabic as ‘thobe’ is famed for its skillful stitchery rich colors and patterns featuring stories of each area in historic Palestine.