Sat 20-July-2024

Resistance attacks

Hamas: Tulkarem resistance operation is natural response to Israeli massacres

The Hamas Movement said on Tuesday that the heroic shooting operation, that took place east of Tulkarem this morning and led to the injury of three Israeli settlers, comes as a natural response to Israeli brutal crimes and heinous massacres against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

The resistance in Jerusalem is an inextinguishable flame

Occupied Jerusalem embraces an essential part of the resistance map in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs) due to the Judaization plans the city is witnessing and the escalating targeting of both sanctities and residents alike.

Hamas hails Qalqilya’s resistance attack, calls for continuing resistance

The Hamas Movement hailed the resistance shooting attack that took place in the West Bank city of Qalqilya on Saturday morning and led to the killing of an Israeli settler.

Israeli army says fourth soldier killed in Karam Abu Salem attack

The Israeli occupation army has announced the death of a fourth soldier in Sunday’s rocket attack on the Karam Abu Salem military site in the east of Rafah, south of Gaza, according to the Hebrew media on Monday.

Hamas: Iran’s operation against Israel “natural right” and “justified response”

The Hamas Movement has described the military counterattack that was carried out last night by Iran against the Israeli occupation state as a “natural right” and a “justified response to the crime of targeting the Iranian consulate in Damascus and assassinating a number of Revolutionary Guard leaders.”

IOF kills Palestinian resistance fighter after hours of clashes in western Ramallah

Local sources revealed on Friday the identity of the martyr who carried out the resistance operation in Ramallah, before being gunned down by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

Hamas: Tulkarem shooting operation natural response to Israeli crimes

Hamas Movement affirmed that the “heroic” shooting attack in Tulkarem on Tuesday evening was a natural response to the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people and holy sites.

Yemeni armed forces attack US ship with missiles and drones

Yemen’s armed forces said on Wednesday that its naval forces along with its missile and drone forces carried out a joint military operation against a US ship that “was providing support for the Israeli occupation state.”

Hezbollah showers Israeli base with rockets to avenge Aruri’s death

Hezbollah claimed to have fired at least 62 different types of missiles at the Israeli Meron air control base in the north of occupied Palestine on Saturday.

Palestinian resistance defies IOF incursion launches rocket barrages

The Palestinian resistance continues on Thursday the 48th day of Al-Aqsa Flood Battle to confront Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in various axes of its incursion into Gaza Strip as well as to engage in heroic epics and zero-range clashes targeting and destroying more tanks and armored vehicles and hitting Israeli sites with rocket barrages.