Thu 18-July-2024

Israel’s War Against Mosques in Occupied Palestine

Israel has a long history of violating the Palestinians’ right to worship.

Palestinian Islamic sanctities are constantly targeted by Israeli occupation forces.

Israel and its Jewish settlers have killed many Palestinians in different mosques.

Israel has consistently singled out Alaqsa Mosque with restrictions attacks and raids.

Israel also restricts Muslims’ access to Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil/Hebron.

Israel blocked the call to prayer in Ibrahimi Mosque 613 times in 2022.

Since 1948 Israel has deprived Palestinians of worshipping at dozens of holy sites either through destruction or closure.

Since 2008 Israel has bombed 113 mosques in the besieged Gaza Strip.

In 2014 Israeli troops recorded themselves celebrating as they demolished a mosque in Khuza’a.

In the 1948-occupied lands:

Israel turned 18 mosques into Jewish synagogues.

Israel destroyed or closed 41 mosques.

Israel turned 17 mosques into barns bars restaurants and/or museums.


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