Sat 25-May-2024

Nearly 7 months on Israeli genocide, Gaza still bleeds


The outcome of the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip ongoing since October 7 last year:

Israel killed more than 34,5k Palestinians, including 14k+ kids.

One out of 25 Palestinians in Gaza is either killed or injured by Israel.

70% of Gazans are facing starvation.

Nakba 1948: Israel displaced 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, 75% of the population.

Gaza Genocide 2023/24: Israel displaced 85% of Gazan people, more than 2 million.

Israel destroyed 70%+ of Palestinian homes in Gaza.

Israel totally destroyed or targeted 200+ historical and architectural sites.

Israel destroyed more than 230 mosques across the Gaza Strip.

Israel targeted up to 200 schools. All schools and universities are inactive.

Half of the hospitals, 18 out of 35, are currently out of service.

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