Tue 9-July-2024

Over 5,000 Palestinian prisoners missing in Israeli jails since October 7


Forcibly Disappeared: More than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners from Gaza have vanished in Israeli prisons since October 7.

Unknown Fate: They are forcibly disappeared, with no information on their whereabouts.

Concealed by Israel: Israel hides their names, locations, and numbers from human rights groups.

Tortured in Isolation: Over 5,000 are confined in cages, yards, or isolated prison sections, subjected to severe torture.

Death Toll Unclear: The number of those killed remains unknown. Israel has admitted to 36 deaths from torture.

Rights Groups Blocked: Nine months into the war, human rights organizations still can’t access information about Gaza’s prisoners.

Families in Agony: Families remain in torment, unanswered if their loved ones are alive or dead.


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