Sat 25-May-2024

Palestinians in Gaza suffer from sweltering heat in displacement camps


With the rising temperatures in the Gaza Strip, a new crisis exacerbates the suffering of hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced people in Gaza due to the ongoing Israeli war of genocide for the past seven months.

Anyone passing by the road from the Nuseirat camp to Rafah in the southernmost part can see overcrowded tents filled with displaced people who have lost all the essentials of human life, further intensifying their miserable reality and exacerbating their suffering.

Since October 7th of last year, Israeli occupation forces have been waging a ruthless war against the Gaza Strip, resulting in more than 120,000 martyrs, wounded, and missing persons, in addition to the destruction of at least 60% of residential buildings, infrastructure, institutions, and universities, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

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