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Israeli airstrikes kill girl along with her dream to become journalist

Saturday 18-November-2023

Mayar and Bilal are two children of Palestine TV correspondent Nidal Hamida. Like thousands of Palestinian children in Gaza the Israeli brutal airstrikes ended up their lives along with their dreams. 

Mayar was a few years older than her brother Bilal. They were though attached to each other always playing together and having fun at home while enjoying the love of their parents. 

All those who knew Mayar said she was a smart girl as she excelled in her school subjects and was dreaming of becoming a journalist just like her father but the Israeli hideous bombardment ended her dream by killing her along with her brother Bilal and their mother in October 2023. 

Their father who has been covering the Israeli aggression on Gaza as many other journalists was left alone to continue his job with grief and pain for his great loss and concern over losing more of his family members. 

Since October 7 Israel has been waging a heinous genocide in Gaza Strip via air ground and sea attacks resulting in more than 40000 martyrs wounded and missing people. 

“We Are Not Numbers” is a series that reviews part of the available stories of some Palestinian martyrs who have fallen in the Israeli aggression on Gaza.


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