Mon 4-March-2024

Zionist Terrorism

Humiliation and torture, new testimonies expose Israeli abuse of Gazan female prisoners

A woman from Gaza has revealed horrifying details of her experience during her detention by the Israeli occupation forces, when they raided shelters in December last year.

A eulogy of innocence

The little girl begged the civil defense phone operator to come and rescue her. “Come take me, I am afraid,” pleaded the six-year-old child.

“The Blood-Soaked Flour” … US-backed Israeli Starvation War

The Israeli enemy continues its genocidal war on the Gaza Strip for the 147th consecutive day, culminating yesterday, with the "Flour Massacre" on Rashid Street, southwest of Gaza City, targeting isolated civilians awaiting the arrival of aid and flour.

Netanyahu’s last battle promises no victory, just slaughter in Rafah

The Palestinian city of Rafah is not only older than Israel, it is also as old as civilization itself. Rafah has existed for thousands of years.

As thousands of trucks pile up nearby, famine is ravaging Gaza

The specter of famine looms over various parts of the Gaza Strip, where around 2.2 million people are suffering from severe shortages of food, medicine, and even shelter.

Israeli hatred: Destruction of life and environment in Gaza

All aspects of life in the Gaza Strip have turned into memories, as the brutal Israeli aggression left no means of livelihood untouched, so that no Palestinian would have a chance to live on this land.

The famine in Gaza … A silent genocide against the Palestinians

Has death by starvation become a familiar occurrence? With this question, Palestinian Osama Hameed began his discussion about the facts of the famine striking the Gaza Strip and its northern regions.

Gaza children: Unprecedented killing and malnutrition crisis

Save the Children organization said in a report on Tuesday evening, "Children in Gaza are being killed and maimed by Israeli forces at unprecedented rates and scale."

Hunger … An Israeli weapon in the genocide war on Gaza

After days of hunger, the Palestinian little girl Haneen Saleh Juma died, becoming a martyr added to the list of martyrs of the famine caused by the continuous Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Released women tell horrific stories of torture in Israeli prisons

Following the Israeli ground incursion into the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army launched widespread arrest campaigns against civilians in revenge abusive operations against detainees, women, children, and the elderly.

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