Tue 9-July-2024

PPS reveals details of the execution of 4 Gazan detainees upon their release, calls for international probe

Monday 8-July-2024


The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) revealed the details of the Israeli occupation’s crime of executing four Palestinian detainees immediately after their release near Kerem Shalom crossing in the southern Gaza Strip.

In a report on Sunday, the PPS explained that the body of one of the martyrs was recovered on Saturday, while the bodies of the remaining three martyrs were recovered on Sunday morning.

The Society called for an international investigation into this heinous crime.

Local sources reported that the three martyrs whose bodies were recovered this morning from the Kerem Shalom crossing in the southern Gaza Strip were handcuffed. Among them were the two brothers: Muhammad and Ramadan Hijazi and Kamel Ghabayen.

In a statement, the PPS condemned the crime of field execution of prisoners, noting that it constitutes a new war crime added to the long record of Israel’s ongoing genocidal war crimes.

The PPS explained that the four detainees were working in securing aid in Gaza. The photos showed that they were handcuffed, in addition to signs of torture, it added.

The human rights group reported preliminary testimony from a survivor that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested about 15 people, including a group of aid workers, who remained in Israel’s custody for four days, during which they were subjected to torture, beatings, and humiliation, in addition to being held in harsh and dehumanizing conditions.

The PPS confirmed that the prisoners’ testimonies still reflect an unprecedented level of torture, stressing that torture has been used as a part of Israel’s systematic crimes practiced on Palestinian prisoners since the beginning of the war, which led to the martyrdom of dozens of captives.

The Israeli extremist minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has been continuing his incitement campaign to kill, torture, and starve Palestinian prisoners.

The PPS drew attention to the fact that the Sde Teiman camp is the most prominent site where Israeli crimes are committed, along with the Ofer and Negev prisons, and there are likely some secret prisons in which the IOF holds detainees from Gaza.

Addressing the United Nations, the PPS renewed its calls and demands for the need to open an impartial international investigation into the ongoing crimes against Palestinian prisoners including field execution crimes.

The total number of Palestinians who have been imprisoned in Israeli jails, until the beginning of this July, amounted to more than 9,700 prisoners, including 3,380 administrative detainees, and more than 1,400 Gaza detainees who are dubbed as “illegal combatants” by the Israeli prison authority.

Since the start of the Israeli genocide war in Gaza, the IOF arrested thousands of people from Gaza, including women and children, while arrests in the West Bank amounted to no less than 9,550 arrests, according to a statement by the PPS.

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