Sat 25-May-2024

A Palestinian doctor came to Gaza to treat her son

Sunday 19-November-2023

Du’a Khamis Younis the firstborn of her parents spent her childhood in the United Arab Emirates and everyone who knows her testifies that she loves life and treats everyone with kindness.

She completed her medical studies and married engineer Ahmed Ashour. 

They moved to Portugal together and had three children: Jenan Ismail and Noor. Like any mother she had a strong bond with her children.

Before the recent savage aggression on Gaza she came to treat her son Ismail unaware that it would be their last visit as death awaited them there.

Israeli warplanes targeted the house they sought refuge in Gaza City but they survived. They then moved to what they believed to be a safer location in the south as stated by the occupying army.

In an Israeli airstrike on the house where they sought refuge in Khan Yunis Du’a and her children Ismail and Jenan were martyred on November 15th while her daughter Noor survived.

It should be noted that “We Are Not Numbers” is a series that showcases some of the stories of Palestinian martyrs in the Israeli occupation’s aggression with a new biography each day highlighting the noble lives of those martyrs.

Since October 7th the Israeli occupation forces have been carrying out a massacre in the Gaza Strip through air land and sea resulting in over 40000 casualties including martyrs missing persons and the injured as a form of revenge against Palestinian civilians.


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