Fri 17-May-2024

Sayid Marcos Tenório

Sayid Marcos Tenório is a historian and specialist in international relations. He is vice president of the Brazil-Palestine Institute (Ibraspal) and author of the book Palestina: do mito da terra prometida à terra da resistência (Palestine: the myth of the promised land to the land of resistance). His article appeared in MEMO.

Gaza revives student movement in the US

The American student movement in solidarity with Gaza revives, these days, the great role played by other movements in confronting the Vietnam War (1955 to 1975), which many consider an important factor in the ending of imperialist military aggression against the Asian country.

Israel: 150 days of crimes against humanity

The massacre of the forces of “Israel” against the besieged Gaza Strip and with extensions in the West Bank completes 150 days.

Israel has already lost the battle in Gaza

Former US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, who died recently at the age of 100, said in an interview about America’s defeat in Vietnam in 1969 that while the Americans were fighting a military war, the Vietnamese were fighting a political war.

Hamas and the legitimate right of defense

The events that broke out in Gaza on 7 October brought a flood of biased concepts, versions and fake news regarding the legitimacy of the operations unleashed by the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and other Palestinian resistance forces.

Jenin Palestine: An ongoing catastrophe

Once again the world has witnessed the escalation of violence bombing destruction and deaths perpetrated by the terrorist state of Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories.

On relations between the Palestinian resistance and Iran

We have witnessed a debate about the reasons that have led the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to draw closer to the Islamic Republic of Iran and vice versa despite differences in some aspects of the resistance struggle in the Middle East and on related issues to regional geopolitics.

Lies and fears in the Israeli premier’s speech at the UN

Bennett’s speech was a demonstration of the failure of the Jewish state’s colonial project in Palestine which intended to conquer the entire territory of historical Palestine and advance towards the conquest of the entire Middle East.