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Resistance fends off infiltrating Israeli forces in eastern Gaza

Monday 30-October-2023

The Palestinian resistance targeted on Monday morning a number of Israeli tanks and armored bulldozers on Salahuddin Road in the south of Gaza City and forced them to retreat.

Local sources told a reporter for the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that resistance fighters engaged in fierce clashes with Israeli forces that advanced from an open agricultural area in the east of Gaza towards Salahuddin Road which is located about three kilometers from the border fence and attacked them with guided missiles.

The local sources added that the Israeli tanks and bulldozers had to withdraw from the area under cover of heavy aerial and artillery bombardment affirming the Israeli forces were unable to remain on the road for more than 10 minutes after being exposed to strikes by resistance fighters.

For its part the Government Media Office affirmed that there was no Israeli military incursion or presence inside the residential neighborhoods of the Gaza Strip or on its roads describing the Israeli claims in this regard as “lies”.

The Media Office added that what happened on Salahuddin Road was an attempt by some Israeli tanks and one bulldozer to carry out an incursion after advancing from an open agricultural area in Juhor ad-Dik.

The Media Office pointed out that the Israeli forces bombed two civilian cars on Salahuddin Road and started to carry out a bulldozing operation on the lane before resistance fighters showed up and forced them to escape from the area.

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