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Hamas calls for immediate action to halt Israeli aggression on Gaza

Friday 10-November-2023

The Hamas Movement called on the Arab and Islamic countries to take urgent action and put pressure on the US administration to stop the Israeli aggression open the crossings bring in aid supplies and facilitate the wounded treatment abroad.

This was said at a press conference that Hamas leaders Osama Hamdan and Bassem Naeem hosted on Friday night in Beirut the Lebanese capital.

The Movement stated that there is a lot of discussion regarding humanitarian truces emphasizing that efforts are being made in this regard as well as discussions and interactions with brothers in Qatar and Egypt with the goal of reaching a humanitarian truce. When an agreement is reached it will be made public immediately the Movement said.

The group also emphasized that the Israeli machine of genocide killing and destruction persisted against the people of Gaza in spite of these efforts and discussions.

It also pointed out that the Israeli occupation expanded its targeting of hospitals in Gaza City and the northern governorates bombing the Indonesian Hospital Al-Quds Hospital and the Al-Nasr Complex putting the Mental Health Hospital the Eye Hospital and the Children’s Hospital in the Al-Nasr Complex out of service which will expose the lives of thousands of children to death.

135 hospitals and health centers have been targeted so far; more than 64 of them have become out of service it added.

Additionally the Movement demanded that the Rafah crossing remain completely and continuously open without obstacles.

“We urge our brothers in Egypt and the Arab world to increase the pressure on Washington to compel the Israeli occupation to allow humanitarian corridors to deliver aid and essential food supplies to our people in the Gaza Strip particularly in Gaza City and the northern governorates.”

It held the Israeli occupation and the Biden administration responsible for the slow death of the sick and wounded persons who are currently trapped in the targeted hospitals.

The Movement charged that UNRWA had given up on its duties in Gaza City and the North Governorate in particular.

On the other hand the Hamas Movement affirmed that “the Palestinian resistance is still enjoying high spirits and is continuing to confront the Nazi occupation army.”

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