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Thousands continue to march worldwide

Saturday 11-November-2023

Many cities across the world have witnessed on Friday and Saturday massive pro-Palestine protests and sit-ins in condemnation of the Israeli ongoing carnages carried out in the besieged Gaza Strip. 

The rallies were seen in many countries over the globe including Lebanon Jordan Iran Japan the US and Canada.  

The protesters called for an immediate halt of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip as well as the protection of civilians. The demonstrators denounced the official stands in support of Israel and the Arab and international failure to impose a comprehensive ceasefire. 

In Lebanon the worshipers performed funeral prayer for the Palestinian martyrs who have fallen in the Israeli bloody aggression. 

The Mufti of Saida and the Southern Governorate Sheikh Salim Soussan who led worshipers during the Friday prayer called for opening all crossings in the Gaza Strip.

In Jordan thousands took to the streets in the capital city of Amman and other cities in Al-Karak Irbid and Ma’an and called for a ceasefire in Gaza chanting for Palestinians and the resistance and expressing their protest against the Israeli aggression and its daily massacres against women and children.   

In Iraq the protesters called on the international community to intervene in order to protect civilians women and children in addition to the elderly who have all been victims of the Israeli bloody successive relentless attacks on Gaza. The Iraqi protesters also called for boycotting the products that support Israel.   

As for Qatar hundreds of worshipers launched a sit-in in Doha after Friday prayer in solidarity with Gaza. The sit inners raised Palestinian flags and extended their outrage and refusal of the Israeli ongoing aggression on the blockaded enclave. 

Iran has witnessed rallies in solidarity with the Palestinian people in which protesters praised the steadfastness of Palestinians.

Dozens of protesters took to the streets in Tokyo Japan in support of Gaza.  

Demonstrators also held a protest near the office of the US Senator Cory Booker a New Jersey senator.

Meanwhile a Palestinian girl got into a restaurant in Cambridge Massachusetts and told former presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren that 68 members of her family had been killed during the past three weeks as a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Jewish campaigners along with students from Harvard and Cambridge universities participated in a demonstration in front of the restaurant in support of the Palestinian girl.

While in Canada a number of university students and academics launched a protest before the University of Toronto in Scarborough to support Gaza and denounce the crimes of the Israeli occupation army.

Meanwhile similar huge rallies swept the streets of London Paris Brussels Prague Berlin Auckland Cape Town and Nouakchott on Saturday against the Israeli aggression on Gaza.


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