Fri 17-May-2024


Protests condemning the Israeli aggression on Gaza continue worldwide

The protests denouncing the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza continue, and demonstrations took place Saturday in several Arab and Western cities parallel to the ongoing movement in American universities in support of Palestine.

Mass demonstrations in Türkiye in support of Gaza and protests on US campuses

Thousands of Turks took to streets on Sunday in the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in protest against the Israeli genocidal war in the Gaza Strip.

Massive protests in Arab countries in support of Gaza

Massive protests in Arab countries in support of Gaza

Many Arab cities and capitals witnessed marches and protests following the Friday prayer, in which thousands of protesters participated in support of the Palestinian people and to denounce the brutal aggression of the Israeli occupation against the Gaza Strip.

Global Protests: 120 cities in 6 continents rally against the war crimes in Gaza

Dozens of cities in various countries are preparing to take part on Saturday in the largest global protests condemning the ongoing Israeli war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Pro-Palestine global protests demand end to Gaza aggression

A group of human rights organizations have called for protests around the world on the coming Saturday, January 13th, which marks the 99th day of ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, demanding an end to the aggression.

Protests in US cities against Israeli aggression on Gaza

Protests on Thursday evening demanding an end to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip caused a complete traffic halt in major intersections in several American cities.

Thousands continue to march worldwide

Many cities across the world have witnessed on Friday and Saturday massive pro-Palestine protests and sit-ins in condemnation of the Israeli ongoing carnages carried out in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Massive pro-Palestine protests in US Europe

The US capital city of Washington and several European cities witnessed on Saturday afternoon massive and angry demonstrations in protest at the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza which has so far led to the killing of more than 9770 martyrs and 22 000 wounded in addition to displacing most of north Gaza residents and the destruction of houses hospitals and schools.

Hamas calls for worldwide angry rallies following hospital massacre

The Hamas Movement has called for organizing massive angry rallies all over the world in protest at the appalling Israeli massacre at Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City and the ongoing genocide that is being committed by the Israeli occupation army in the Gaza Strip.

Rotterdam Court extends detention of Amin Abu Rashed

The Rotterdam Court in the Netherlands extended the detention of the head of the Palestinians in Europe Conference Amin Abu Rashed on Tuesday evening.

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