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Pro-Palestine global protests demand end to Gaza aggression

Wednesday 10-January-2024


A group of human rights organizations have called for protests around the world on the coming Saturday, January 13th, which marks the 99th day of ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, demanding an end to the aggression.

Protests are scheduled to take place in dozens of countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Canada, as well as Jordan, Turkey, and several Latin American countries.

The Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), one of the British organizing groups of the campaign, explained that the involvement of more countries in the global movement “reflects a shared commitment to ending the violence in Gaza,” emphasizing the importance of coordinating efforts to reach a just solution and a permanent end to the war in Gaza.

Advocacy groups based in the United Kingdom, which are organizing this initiative, say that the marches planned for January 13th – the 99th day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza – aim to mobilize people to demand a permanent ceasefire and an end to Israeli attacks on the besieged territory.

Marches are planned in dozens of cities around the world, including in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Jordan, Turkey, and many other countries.

The PFB, one of the many British groups organizing the campaign, said that the increasing number of cities joining the global movement “reflects a shared commitment to ending the aggression on Gaza.”

The Forum stated, “We stand together united in the #GazaGlobalAction campaign, sending a resounding message that the world demands change, justice, and a future free from violence.”

They added that the “grim reality” in Gaza “highlights the urgent need for international attention, humanitarian aid, and coordinated efforts towards a just and lasting solution to the conflict.”

The protests will take place a day before the 100th day since the Israeli aggression on Gaza started, which has resulted in the killing and injury of at least four percent of Gaza’s population.

Other groups in Britain organizing the protests include Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA), the Muslim Association of Britain, Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

These groups also led the protests against the Iraq War on 15 February 2003, which took place in over 600 cities and attracted millions of demonstrators.

The calls to join the Global Day of Action have been widely shared on social media using the hashtags #CeasefireNow, #EndTheSiege, and #FreePalestine.

Ismail Patel, the Chairman of Friends of Al-Aqsa, stated that the January 13 protests aim to “empower the international community to challenge Israel’s allies among other reasons.”

He added, “The Global Day of Action aims to shed a light on the global condemnation of the continuous Israeli bombardment and blockade on Gaza, which claims the lives of around 300 people daily, the ongoing ethnic cleansing in the West Bank, discrimination against Palestinians inside ‘Israel’, and the dehumanization of Palestinians.”

The planned protests come amid a lack of progress in reaching a ceasefire agreement or international consensus to end the war.

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