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IOF kills seven Palestinians in Tulkarem one in al-Khalil

Tuesday 14-November-2023

Seven Palestinian young men were killed last night and later on Tuesday by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) during a raid in Tulkarem refugee camp while another citizen was shot dead by soldiers in al-Khalil.

In Tulkarem medical sources at the Martyr Thabet Thabet Hospital announced at dawn the martyrdom of Sa’eid Abu Tahoun 24 Jihad Ghanem 27 and Musaab al-Ghoul 21.

A local source reported an Israeli suicide drone targeted a house in al-Ghanem neighborhood in the camp killing three young men and wounding three others.

The Israeli occupation forces initially prevented Palestinian ambulances from entering the camp but later they allowed them in after searching them thoroughly.

Later in the morning two young men identified as Abed Jarban and Waleed Musayee were pronounced dead at the Thabet Thabet Hospital.

Last night two young men were martyred during the same IOF raid in Tulkarem camp.

The Palestinian health ministry said that Mahmoud Hadayda 25 and Hazem Husari 28 were killed by IOF gunfire in their chests in Tulkarem.

Four young men were also injured by sniper fire during the Israeli aggression against Tulkarem camp.

The IOF reportedly kidnaped one of the wounded young men from an ambulance as he was being evacuated to a hospital.

Local sources said that fierce clashes took place between resistance fighters and Israeli forces in the camp.

The Tulkarem Brigade said it was able to damage three Israeli military vehicles and detonate an explosive device at an armored bulldozer causing severe damage to it.

The Brigade also said that its fighters ambushed Israeli soldiers killing and injuring a number of them.

The IOF reportedly caused widespread destruction to roads and infrastructure with its bulldozers during its raid in the camp.

In al-Khalil the Palestinian liaison office informed the family of Mohamed Halayka that he had been shot dead by Israeli soldiers at the Beit Einun junction northeast of the province.

Later the IOF detained the father and brother of martyr Halayka after interrogating them. The IOF claimed that the slain young man tried to carry out a stabbing attack.

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