Mon 27-May-2024

Hamas rebuts Israeli claim about finding weapons at Al-Shifa Hospital

Wednesday 15-November-2023

The Hamas Movement has belied the Israeli occupation army’s claim that it found weapons and military equipment in the Shifa Medical Complex describing it as “part of its lies and cheap propaganda that aim to justify its crimes against the health sector in Gaza.”

“These claims are part of the silly propaganda that was spread by the occupation after it stormed the Rantisi Children’s Hospital. They put weapons in the place and then make up a weak story that no longer deceives anyone” Hamas said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We have repeated more than once and for two weeks our call on the UN and international organizations to form an international committee to visit the hospitals and check on their conditions to expose the occupation’s lies and false claims because we are aware of the size of its fabrications and deception that aim to cover up its crimes against children women and defenseless civilians” the Movement added.

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