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Hamas slams US for adopting Israeli lies about Gaza hospitals

Wednesday 15-November-2023

The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced the US administration and its department of defense (the Pentagon) for adopting Israeli lies about the use of hospitals in Gaza as command centers and places to hold Israeli captives.

“We consider such statements an American green light for the occupation to commit more heinous massacres against hospitals with the aim destroying the health sector and pressuring our people in order to displace them from their land as a prelude to carrying out plans promoted by the neo-Nazis like Netanyahu and Smotrich” Hamas said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We reiterate our appeal to the UN to form an international committee to tour and inspect all the hospitals to expose the lies of the occupation and its ally Washington which bears direct responsibility for Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza” Hamas added.

The US administration claimed on Tuesday that it has intelligence that Hamas has a command center under Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

National security spokesman John Kirby told journalists that the resistance groups stored arms inside the hospital and were prepared launch an attack from there.

This was the first time the US independently backed Israeli claims that Hamas uses hospitals as military bases.

US claims against Hamas came to support Israel as it faced mounting global pressure recently to stop targeting civilians in Gaza hospitals.

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