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Hamas condemns IOF detention of Palestinian university students

Wednesday 15-November-2023

The Hamas Movement has condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ (IOF) detention of Palestinian college students from Al-Khalil University.

In a press statement on Wednesday the Movement strongly condemned the Israeli ongoing hideous aggression on the Palestinian people. 

“In addition to the Israeli aggression genocide and bombing of hospitals in the besieged Gaza Strip the IOF arrested dozens of Palestinians especially targeting college students from Al-Khalil University within the ongoing arrest campaigns that have been affecting thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank since October 7” the statement added. 

The Hamas Movement hailed the Palestinian people for their steadfastness vis-à-vis the Israeli aggression and heinous practices.

The resistance movement has also called on Palestinians in the West Bank to escalate protests and carry on with the confrontations against the IOF soldiers and positions across the West Bank. 

The Hamas condemnation came after the IOF had carried out on Wednesday morning a large-scale arrest campaign resulting in the arrest of nine male students of al-Khalil University in addition to the detention of 16 female students. 

For its part the Islamic bloc in the West Bank universities condemned the arrest of their colleagues in Al-Khalil University stressing that it indicates the weakness and defeat of the Israeli occupation authority. 

The Islamic bloc in West Bank universities called for launching and continuing effective protests and clashes with the IOF in defense of the Palestinian land and sanctities.  

The bloc also called on Palestinian masses to participate in the angry rallies to be held tomorrow Thursday at 12:00 pm in all cities of the West Bank in support of Gaza and the resistance. 

It is anticipated that the West Bank cities are going to witness massive angry rallies that will flood the streets and squares in the cities of Nablus Ramallah Salfit Qalqilya Tubas Jenin Al-Khalil Bethlehem Tulkarem and Jericho. 

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