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Seven Palestinians killed others injured by IOF in W. Bank

Sunday 26-November-2023

At least five Palestinian citizens were killed and several others were injured on Sunday morning when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Jenin City and its refugee camp and attacked local residents. Two others were killed including a child one last night in Bireh and the other at dawn today in Nablus.

According to Al Jazeera satellite channel Israeli forces have been besieging Jenin and its refugee camp since Saturday amid sporadic clashes with resistance fighters.

The IOF reportedly fired Energa projectiles at some homes and bulldozed roads and property in Jenin’s neighborhoods and on its outskirts amid military drone overflights and presence of snipers on rooftops of buildings overlooking the camp.

The IOF also continued to encircle the hospitals of Jenin and Ibn Sina and the Red Crescent headquarters and prevented ambulances from moving without prior coordination.

A house caught fire in the camp after the IOF shelled it with a projectile.

Last night the Palestinian health ministry announced that a 16-year-old child called Mohamed Riyad was martyred by IOF gunfire in Bireh City in the central West Bank.

In Nablus a young man identified as Uday Sanbour was proclaimed dead at dawn Sunday after the IOF opened fire at him in Yatma town and critically wounding him in head.

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