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Hamas: We are seeking to extend the four-day truce

Sunday 26-November-2023

The Hamas Movement declared in a brief statement issued Sunday evening that it is seeking to extend the four-day truce with Israel.

 We are seeking to extend the four-day truce with Israel should serious efforts be made to increase the number of Palestinian detainees released from Israeli prisons the statement reads.

For his part member of the Hamas Political Bureau Khalil Al-Hayya confirmed his movement’s seriousness in proceeding with a comprehensive prisoner exchange deal.

The Hamas Movement responded positively to the prisoner exchange deal he said in press statements stressing its keenness to adhere to the terms of the exchange deal.

We were concerned from day one with the return of detained women and children to their families he added saying that “we will strive with all diligence to secure the release of more civilian detainees.”

Around 150 Palestinian prisoners and 50 Israeli captives held in Gaza are to be released over four days under the truce deal.

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