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Hamas and PFLP slams HRW’s report on Ahli Hospital massacre

Tuesday 28-November-2023

The Hamas Movement and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) have condemned a recent initial report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the deadly attack on the Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza that happened on October 17.

In a statement on Monday, Hamas criticized HRW’s initial report regarding “the Israeli aggression against hospitals in Gaza, especially the Ahli Baptist Hospital,” accusing the rights group of adopting the Israeli narrative of the incident and holding the Palestinian resistance responsible for the aerial attack “without providing clear material evidence.”

Hamas affirmed that HRW did not visit the hospital and did not provide any clear material evidence of its conclusion despite the fact that investigations conducted by many international bodies confirmed that the Israeli occupation army was behind the attack on the hospital.

Hamas highlighted that HRW’s report ignored “the Israeli policy of systematic targeting of hospitals, which affected all hospitals in the Gaza Strip.”

“The failure to reach the scene of the incident to collect evidence, meet witnesses and refer to the reports issued in this regard by different competent organizations has undermined the credibility of the report,” Hamas emphasized.

The Movement urged HRW to reexamine its report and visit Gaza to directly investigate the incident after the war ends.

PFLP also slammed HRW’s report on the attack on the Ahli Baptist Hospital, calling it “dangerous” and “completely biased in favor of the Israeli narrative,” stressing that its report “aims to exonerate the Israeli occupation regime of any responsibility for this appalling and heinous massacre.”

“This report is full of lies and incorrect conclusions based on Israeli information in its entirety,” PFLP said.

“How did this organization reach such a conclusion without the presence of inquiry committees on the ground and while the occupation is besieging the Gaza Strip and not allowing anyone to enter or leave?” PFLP questioned.

PFLP pointed out that HRW contradicted itself in its report when it said it needs to conduct additional investigations to determine the side that fired the ammunition.

“HRW continued to lie when it claimed that the official authorities in Gaza refused to cooperate, although the authorities already announced their willingness to cooperate. The Organization also did not reveal the witnesses mentioned in its report, which reflects that this report is just a complete travesty, directed by this institution and produced purely by the Zionists,” PFLP added.

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