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Hamas: Israel does not care about lives of its captive soldiers in Gaza

Sunday 10-December-2023


The Hamas Movement has accused the Israeli occupation regime of not caring about the lives of its captives in the Gaza Strip, saying that its failed attempt to free one of the captured soldiers that led to his death confirmed that.

“The occupation thinks it is possible to liberate its prisoners through carrying out uncalculated adventures, and this confirms once again that it does not care about the lives of the Zionist prisoners in Gaza,” Hamas said on its Telegram account.

Hamas applauded its armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades, for foiling the Israeli occupation army’s attempt to reach one of its soldiers in Gaza, saying al-Qassam fighters proved their valor and vigilance.

The Movement reiterated its insistence on continuing to thwart all the Israel army’s plans and goals in Gaza.

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