Wed 12-June-2024

Gov’t Media accuses Israel of stealing organs from martyrs’ bodies

Wednesday 27-December-2023


The Government Media Office in Gaza revealed that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) handed over mutilated bodies of 80 Palestinian martyrs after stealing their organs, calling for forming an independent international committee to investigate into this crime.

In coordination with the UN, the bodies of 80 Palestinians, who had already been killed and later detained on October 27 by the IOF in northern Gaza, were handed over by the Israeli army inside a cargo container at the Karam Abu Salem border crossing on Tuesday.

“After examining the bodies, it became evident that the martyrs’ features had changed significantly, which clearly indicated that the occupation army had stolen vital organs from the bodies of these martyrs,” the Media Office said.

The Media Office added that the bodies were unidentified and the Israeli army refused to specify the names of the martyrs or the places from which they were taken.

The Media Office strongly denounced the Israeli army’s desecration of these bodies.

The Media Office accused the Israeli army of detaining the bodies of civilians it had killed several times during its genocidal war on Gaza, affirming that Israeli forces already disinterred bodies from graves in Jabalia (northern Gaza).

“Israel is still holding bodies of dozens of martyrs from Gaza,” the Media Office said, calling for forming an independent committee to investigate the Israeli army’s abduction of martyrs’ bodies and its stealing of their vital organs.

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