Fri 17-May-2024

Hamas condemns Israeli attack on Nasser Hospital

Thursday 15-February-2024


The Hamas Movement has affirmed that the Israeli occupation army’s break-in at the Nasser Hospital today reflect Israeli persistence in committing acts of genocide and flouting the international law.

In a statement on Thursday, Hamas said that the “terrorist occupation army and its vehicles” stormed the Nasser Hospital, encircled its premises, and forced its medical crews, patients and the displaced people living inside it to evacuate at gunpoint following days of blockade and artillery and shooting attacks.

Hamas added that the Israel army’s aggression against the hospital is part of its war of extermination against the Palestinian people and its systematic attacks on hospitals and civilians structures in the Gaza Strip.

The Movement stressed that the Israeli atrocities that happen in Gaza in full view of the entire world and despite pleas for international action to end the war would not succeed in breaking the Palestinian people’s steadfastness and forcing them to give up their struggle for the establishment of their state with Jerusalem as its capital.

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