Wed 12-June-2024

In escalated procedures against prisoners, Zubaidi transferred to solitary confinement

Friday 16-February-2024


Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said on Thursday that the Israeli occupation authorities have transferred prisoner Zakaria Zubaidi from isolation cells in Raymond prison to solitary confinement in Ashkelon prison, under harsh conditions.

The PPS said in a press statement, that “Israeli isolation policy against Palestinian prisoners constitutes one of the most dangerous policies that has been escalated, at an unprecedented rate, against detainees since October 7.”

“Since the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the prisoners have been denied their simplest rights, including communication with the outside world while being subjected to frequent attempts to eliminate them physically and psychologically,” the PSS added.

Prisoner Zubaidi, 49, from Jenin camp had previously been arrested several times. He was also injured several times by Israeli gunfire and was subjected to Israeli assassination attempts more than once.

Zubaidi is serving a five-year sentence after he, along with five other prisoners, managed to escape from Gilboa Prison, through a tunnel they dug under the prison.

In May 2022, his brother Daoud Zubaidi was martyred after Israeli occupation forces shot him before he was transferred to Rambam Hospital in 1948 Occupied Palestine. While under arrest, He was receiving treatment at the abovementioned hospital before later on he was announced dead. The body of the martyr is still detained in Israel’s custody.

Zubaidi’s cousins, Naim and Muhammad, died in November of last year and his brother Jibril, a former prisoner who spent years in Israeli prisons, has been held in administrative detention since February 2023.

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