Mon 15-April-2024

Hamas welcomes Eli shooting operation

Friday 1-March-2024


The Hamas Movement hailed the shooting operation that killed two Jewish settlers at the illegal settlement of Eli as “heroic.”

“The (Israeli) occupation’s massacres against our resilient people, especially in the Gaza Strip – the latest of which was the heinous massacre in Gaza City last night – will not remain without response and punishment from our people’s heroes and fighters,” the Movement said in a statement.

It added, “The heroes of our brave people in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and occupied territories will always be ready to confront and avenge the bloodshed, and our people will continue their resistance until our rights of return and liberation are achieved.”

The Movement warned that the Israeli violations in Occupied Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque, and its planned restrictions on worshipers’ access to the holy site during the holy month of Ramadan, “will be an additional detonator that ignites the earth under the feet of the occupiers.”

The Hamas Movement also called on the Palestinian people and their resistance in the West Bank and Jerusalem to escalate confrontations against the occupation.

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