Sat 13-April-2024

Hamas: Israel’s Al Jazeera law aims to hide the truth about its crimes

Tuesday 2-April-2024


The Hamas Movement has condemned the Knesset’s approval of a law giving the Israeli occupation government the authority to close Al Jazeera channel’s offices and ban its broadcasts, saying this measure “showed clearly the fascist occupation’s true nature.”

“The occupation is desperately seeking to obliterate the truth about its gruesome crimes,” Hamas said in a statement on Monday.

Hamas accused the Israeli occupation regime of systematically attempting to prevent journalists from performing their humanitarian and professional mission, saying the Israeli army had killed so far 138 journalists and injured hundreds, including Al Jazeera journalists, during its brutal war on Gaza.

The Movement called on international human rights and journalist institutions to condemn the Israeli measure against Al Jazeera channel and work on exposing Israel’s violations against journalists.

Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu pledged on Monday to “act immediately to stop” Al Jazeera’s operations in the country after the Israeli parliament, Knesset, approved a law that gives him powers to shut down foreign news networks deemed a security threat.

“Al Jazeera harmed Israel’s security, actively participated in the October 7 massacre, and incited against Israeli soldiers,” Netanyahu wrote on X.

“I intend to act immediately in accordance with the new law to stop the channel’s activity,” he said.

The Qatar-based network rejected what it described as “slanderous accusations” and accused Netanyahu of “incitement”.

“Al Jazeera holds the Israeli prime minister responsible for the safety of its staff and network premises around the world, following his incitement and this false accusation in a disgraceful manner,” it said in a statement.

“Such slanderous accusations will not deter us from continuing our bold and professional coverage, and reserves the right to pursue every legal step,” Al Jazeera said.

Netanyahu has long sought to ban broadcasts from the Qatar-based media outlet, alleging anti-Israel bias.

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