Sat 18-May-2024

Palestinian National, Islamic forces condemn Israeli targeting of displaced returnees

Sunday 14-April-2024


The Palestinian National and Islamic Forces have condemned the Israeli occupation’s targeting of displaced people, including women, children, and the elderly, who are returning to their homes in Gaza. The displaced citizens began to return to their areas in northern Gaza this morning, and they were met by the Israeli forces’ gunfire and tear gas along the coastal line in an attempt to prevent more displaced people from returning.

In a press statement issued on Sunday, the National and Islamic Forces stated, “The Zionist terrorism, criminality, and genocidal war continue to target our people everywhere.”

They added that the Israeli occupation army targeted civilians, including children, women, and elderly individuals who were returning to the areas they were displaced from, resulting in the death of many martyrs. Some of them are still under fire and siege, in yet another crime that confirms the Israeli occupation army’s violation of all laws, conventions, norms, and international resolutions. The statement also highlighted the obstruction and explicit failure of all efforts and mediations seeking to reach a serious and genuine agreement and exchange deal.

The National and Islamic Forces called on governments, the international community, and international institutions to assume their responsibilities and put an end to Israel’s genocidal war. They demanded the protection of displaced civilians, ensuring their safe return to their homes and areas, providing all necessary means to achieve a decent living, and “halting the Nazi enemy’s terrorism, brutality, and holding it accountable for war crimes and genocide.”

Furthermore, the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces called on all free peoples of the world to take immediate action, continue protests, demonstrations, and sit-ins, disrupt the interests of the “Zionist entity” and its supporters, and sever their land, sea, and air supply lines until the genocidal war against the Palestinian people stops and the “leaders of Zionist, Nazi terrorism are held accountable for their crimes.”

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