Sat 25-May-2024

Fresh Israeli raids, arrests across West Bank

Friday 19-April-2024


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) carried out a large-scale raid and arrest campaign throughout the West Bank overnight and at dawn Friday, which led to the outbreak of violent clashes.

In al-Khalil, the IOF detained the young man Nadi Khalil Rajoub after storming his family house in Dura town.

In Ramallah, clashes erupted when IOF troops broke into Al-Mughayir village amid heavy firing of flare bombs. Several local homes were stormed and searched during the raid.

Similar clashes erupted in Salem and Duma towns, in Nablus, after the IOF arrested several Palestinian youths, including two brothers.

In Tulkarem, the IOF arrested a young man after attacking him with a police dog in his family house.

Late Thursday, the IOF imposed a tight cordon on Nour Shams refugee camp, in Tulkarem, completely restricting the locals’ movement.

As a result, an old man died in his house after suffering a health deterioration and being unable to be moved to the hospital.

Medical sources also pointed out that at least two Palestinians were injured during the raid, while at least three youths were arrested.

Meanwhile, Palestinian resistance fighters and Israeli forces have engaged in gun battles in the camp amid intense flights of Israeli drones. The sound of heavy explosions was also heard in the camp.

Earlier overnight, Israeli forces raided Nour Shams refugee camp and have closed off entrances to the camp as well as the main roads leading to it.

Israeli forces imposed a curfew on the camp, preventing residents and vehicles from leaving or entering the area.

Israeli army bulldozers destroyed infrastructure and roads leading to the camp before targeting power lines, leading to a complete power blackout.

At least two Palestinians were injured, and several others were investigated and arrested.

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