Sat 22-June-2024

Hamas deplores senator Graham for inciting Israel to nuke Gaza

Monday 13-May-2024


The Hamas Movement has condemned US senator Lindsey Graham for inciting the Israeli occupation regime to strike Gaza with a nuclear bomb, calling his remarks in this regard as “shocking” and a “reflection of the low moral level he stooped to.”

“The mentality of genocide and colonialism that is inherent in him, along with an elite group of politicians in the US, supports the full-fledged crime of genocide that is carried out by a morally degenerate occupation army against defenseless civilians,” Hamas said in a statement on Monday.

Hamas said that Graham’s stated position comes in the context of paying obeisance to the fascist occupation regime and make him complicit in the genocidal war on Gaza.

The Movement urged the world’s free people to denounce such positions and continue pressuring for an end to the war of genocide and starvation against the Palestinians in Gaza.

US Senator Lindsey Graham argued in a live TV interview on Sunday that Israel should drop nuclear bombs on Gaza in order to win the war.

To justify his call for Israel to nuke Gaza, Graham cited the US atomic bombing of Japan, which he insisted was necessary.

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