Tue 11-June-2024

Hamas holds US President fully responsible for Rafah massacre

Monday 27-May-2024


The Hamas Movement has held US President Joe Biden and his administration fully responsible for the Israeli massacre in Rafah, which claimed that lives of dozens of displaced Palestinians inside their tents on Sunday night.

“This massacre would not have been committed by the Zionist entity without the American support and green light for its invasion of Rafah, although this area is crowded with displaced citizens,” Hamas said in a statement on Monday.

Hamas stressed the need for pressuring the Israeli occupation regime to stop the mass killings of innocent civilians, including children, women and elderlies, and immediately abide by the orders issued by the International Court of Justice.

For its part, the Islamic Jihad Movement condemned the Rafah massacre as a “new Israeli war crime” and “part of the genocidal war in Gaza.”

“The targeting of civilians in shelter camps reflects the depth of the military failure that has afflicted the enemy in the battlefield,” Islamic Jihad said.

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