Sun 23-June-2024

Resistance committees: The US is an obstacle to reaching ceasefire agreement in Gaza

Tuesday 11-June-2024


The media office of the Resistance Committees in Palestine said that the positions of the US administration and its Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, “represent a real obstacle to reaching an agreement to stop the genocidal war and massacres in the Gaza Strip.”

The resistance committees added in a statement that “the resistance will not back down in the face of any pressure”, stressing that its position is firm and the basis of any agreement or deal will always be halting the “Zionist aggression and massacres committed in Gaza.”

The statement mentioned that Blinken’s recent statements indicate that the US administration is still continuing to try to deceive the global public opinion, pointing to its applauding of the Israeli massacre in Nuseirat.

Blinken said a couple of days ago, at the beginning of his eighth tour to the region since the start of the war on Gaza, “If you want a ceasefire, put pressure on Hamas to accept it … Hamas is the only one that did not accept the three-stage proposal, which includes releasing the hostages and holding talks in order to end the fighting.”

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