Fri 14-June-2024

US bias

Hamdan: Reaching an agreement requires positive US action

Osama Hamdan, a senior leader in the Hamas Movement, said that Israel should voice a clear position accepting ceasefire, stressing that "if Washington acts positively and not according to Israeli demands, an agreement can be reached."

Resistance committees: The US is an obstacle to reaching ceasefire agreement in Gaza

The media office of the Resistance Committees in Palestine said that the positions of the US administration and its Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, “represent a real obstacle to reaching an agreement to stop the genocidal war and massacres in the Gaza Strip.”

NYT: U.S. intelligence helped Israel rescue four captives in Gaza

The U.S. provided intelligence on the hostages before Israel’s successful rescue operation Saturday, according to American and Israeli officials briefed on the assistance.

Video exposes American role in Israeli attack on UNRWA school

The angry phrase "American missiles and Israeli execution" has been widely circulated by social media users, along with video clips showing a Palestinian journalist carrying the remnants of the American missiles that recently targeted a school belonging to UNRWA in the Nuseirat refugee camp, leaving dozens of martyrs.

Stop the US-backed Israeli genocide

Euro-Med: The US administration calling Rafah invasion a “limited operation” is misleading

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor described the US administration’s announcement that the Rafah operation was “limited” as misleading.

Land of Freedom

Land of Freedom

Hamas urges signatories of the 18 countries statement to expose the Israeli crimes

Hamas Movement expressed its regret over the statement issued by the White House, signed by eighteen countries, calling for the release of Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip while ignoring the suffering of Palestinians living under the Israeli war and genocide since October 7th.

Hamas: US approval of arms deal to Israel confirms complicity in the genocide

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has condemned the endorsement of the US House of Representatives of a bill that provides military and security assistance to Israel amounting to $26 billion.

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