Sun 21-July-2024

Barsh: Health services in northern Gaza stopped completely

Tuesday 9-July-2024


Director of Gaza’s health ministry Munir al-Barsh said on Monday that all the hospitals’ health services in northern Gaza have been suspended as a result of the acute fuel crisis.

“The only source of fuel is the World Health Organization, which supplies them (hospitals) with very small quantities,” Barsh said in press remarks.

“There are 25,000 patients in urgent need of treatment outside the Gaza Strip, and only 5,000 others have already been able to leave,” Barsh pointed out.

“For two months or more, no food supplies have entered the Gaza Strip — which entails the need to open the Rafah crossing immediately to alleviate the difficult conditions we are facing,” the health official affirmed, adding that 34 children had died in northern Gaza due to acute food shortages.

He also said that Israeli tanks were deployed outside the Patients’ Friends Charity Hospital in northern Gaza, adding that the citizens in ash-Shuja’iya neighborhood and nearby areas do not know where to go due to the intensity of Israeli bombardments.

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