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Source: Barghouthi considering resigning from Fatah central committee

Friday 17-February-2017

A source close to the captive leader in Fatah Movement Marwan al-Barghouthi said on Friday that he is considering resigning from the Fatah Central Committee two days after distributing positions and responsibilities in the committee.

The source told the PIC that Barghouthi’s decision came after he held consultations with a number of Fatah leaders inside Israeli jails and outside but he asserted that he will continue to serve the Palestinian people regardless of his position.

The source pointed out that Barghouthi is following up the current situation especially excluding him from the leadership tasks in the Central Committee despite winning the highest votes in the elections of the Fatah Seventh Conference on 29th November 2016.

Fadwa al-Barghouthi the Fatah leader’s wife slammed the Central Committee for neglecting her captive husband and called for reconsidering the decision not to assign any of the committee’s tasks to her husband.

Barghouthi was the most likely candidate to serve as Fatah’s vice-president yet Mahmoud al-Aloul the member of the Fatah Central Committee was elected for the position.

Fadwa al-Barghouthi wrote on her Facebook page “While Hamas chooses the ex-prisoner Yahya al-Sinwar to lead the movement in the Gaza Strip and while the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is Ahmad Saadat who is imprisoned in Israeli jails the Fatah Central Committee insists that Marwan is absent.”

The Fatah Central Committee held an important meeting on Wednesday to elect the movement’s vice-president as well as other officials without assigning any position to Barghouthi.

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