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Has the illusion of Western civilization values collapsed in the face of Israel’s crimes in Gaza?

Sunday 10-December-2023

The Israeli occupation army continues its brutal genocidal crimes in the Gaza Strip, amid international silence that has reached the level of complicity and direct or indirect participation in humanitarian crimes in Gaza.

Western governments, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Canada, haven’t merely remained silent but have become direct partners in the brutal aggression on Gaza. Furthermore, the United States continues to obstruct any international and UN efforts to stop the aggression, as it did a couple of days ago when it used its veto power against a UN resolution calling for an end to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

These positions dispelled the illusions of humanitarian values promoted by Western countries to the world, revealing their true nature in the face of the bloodshed of children in Gaza. The West failed the test of human values and exposed the enormity of the double standards it practices.

In this context, Palestinian thinker Wadah Khanfar, the head of the Shorouq Forum, says: The Israeli war on Gaza struck at the heart of Western thought based on the principles of liberalism, freedom, justice, rule of law, enlightenment values, and equality.

Khanfar added in a series of interviews and lectures published by the Forum: Today, this narrative has ended, and this big lie has been exposed.

He continued: “The deep-seated brutality among Israelis is inherited from the West, and it is not something new to Western civilization, which did the same and destroyed non-European societies, exterminating the indigenous populations in America, Australia, Canada” and others.

Khanfar emphasized that the American and European stance towards the Gaza massacre is attributed to this shameful history of the Western world, a history of massacres and genocide in Africa and Latin America.

According to Khanfar, the Gaza war exposed the lie of freedom of opinion and expression, which is considered one of the West’s assumed pillars. Today, we see British law criminalizing those who raise slogans supporting Palestine, and we witnessed how Germany imposed sanctions on those raising the Palestinian flag.

Khanfar believes that the massacres in Gaza have shocked the majority of European peoples intellectually and religiously, causing some of their thinkers to reconsider what they considered until recently as unquestionable truths. They admitted the falsehood of Western values associated with human rights and freedom of opinion and expression.

He continued: “The Western citizen has discovered that the centers of power and influence in his country are deceptive and deceitful, fighting awareness in general and not just the Palestinian cause.”

During the days of the war, some Western influencers on social media expressed considerable sorrow for what was happening in Gaza. Others began studying Islam, considering it one of the reasons for the strength from which the people of Gaza derive their resilience.

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