Sat 13-July-2024

Gaza patients

Gaza patients and injured denied treatment abroad

Tens of thousands of Palestinians were injured in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip that started on October 7 last year.

Israeli army bars patients from leaving or returning to Gaza

The Palestinian health ministry has said that many Gaza patients have not been able to leave or return to the coastal territory since May 6 because of the Israeli military closure of the Rafah border crossing.

Euro-Med: Scores of wounded and sick Palestinians die due to closure of the Rafah crossing

The ongoing closure of the Rafah land crossing, which connects the Gaza Strip to Egypt, has resulted in a dire humanitarian crisis for Palestinian civilians and has accelerated the genocide that has been taking place since 7 October, the Euro-Med Monitor said in a report on Saturday.

Gaza: Sick and wounded civilians are unable to travel through Rafah crossing

The health ministry in the Gaza Strip has warned that many patients and wounded civilians will not be able to travel for medical treatment abroad after the Israeli occupation army has seized control of the Rafah border crossing.

Patients in Gaza under the fires of war: Screams without saviors and pains without medication

"I couldn't find my specific medications for thyroid treatment, causing indescribable suffering," with these words accompanied by pain, citizen Suhail Al-Breem expressed his suffering in searching for several medications in pharmacies in the city of Deir Al-Balah, but to no avail.

WHO: 9,000 Palestinian patients need emergency evacuation from Gaza

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed on Saturday that thousands of patients in Gaza continue to be deprived of health care, with only 10 hospitals operating on a limited basis.

Euro-Med: Kidney failure patients face slow death in Gaza

Thousands of people with chronic and serious diseases, including kidney failure patients, are facing slow death amid Israel’s genocide of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, which has been ongoing since October 7, 2023.

Israel delays hundreds of patients in need of treatment outside Gaza

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said on Wednesday that 1922 Gazan patients are unable to reach specialized hospitals in the West Bank Jerusalem and 1948 occupied Palestine in time due to Israel’s reluctance to give them entry permits.

Gaza: Patients with blood disorders have no medicines

The Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza has warned of dangers threatening the lives of many patients suffering from thalassemia and hemophilia due to the severe shortage of medicines used to treat their conditions.

Father: Gov’t not serious about helping my cancer-stricken daughter

Palestinian journalist Fathi Sabbah has accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) government and its health ministry of not being serious about providing medical treatment for his daughter Rima who suffers from blood cancer.