Tue 11-June-2024


The Nakba is an ongoing crime against humanity

As we remember the 1948 Nakba today, 15 May, I want to reiterate yet again that events in the late 1940s, which have never really ended, are the root cause of what happened on 7 October last year.

GMO: Humanitarian crisis in Gaza enters critical stage

In a press conference in commemoration of the 76th anniversary of the Nakba on Wednesday, the Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza launched a warning call that the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip had entered a critical stage.

Hamas: Al-Aqsa flood is natural extension of our people’s resistance to occupation

The Hamas Movement said that the ongoing Al-Aqsa flood battle has consolidated the solidarity of the Palestinian people inside and outside of Palestine and has proven to the world that Palestinians cannot be defeated.

Human rights groups warn of second Nakba in Gaza

Three Palestinian human rights organizations warned of the repercussions of Israel’s escalation of “forced displacement operations” against the residents of the Gaza Strip, raising concerns over a potential new Nakba for the Palestinians.

The forced expulsion of Palestinians must be rejected

It is simply inaccurate to claim that the ongoing Israeli attempt to displace all or as many as possible Palestinian refugees from Gaza to Sinai is a new idea compelled solely by recent events.

Euro-Med: Israel committed its largest massacre since the Nakba

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said that Israel committed its largest massacre against Palestinian civilians since its founding in 1948 during hours of violent and intense airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Sunday night and after midnight on Monday after it cut off all communication and internet services.

Hamas welcomes Portuguese parliament’s vote over Palestinian Nakba

The Hamas Movement has welcomed the Portuguese parliament’s vote in favor of a resolution recognizing the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) and applauding the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation.

Abu Marzouk reiterates Palestinian people’s adherence to RoR

Member of Hamas’s political bureau Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk has stressed that the 75th anniversary of the Nakba constitutes an opportunity to renew the Palestinian people’s continuous quest to defend their rights and preserve their national constants.

Hamas hails UN’s resolution that endorses holding Nakba Day

The Hamas Movement has welcomed the United Nations’ approval of a resolution requesting the Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat to dedicate its activities in 2023 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Nakba.

One of the heinous Zionist massacres against Palestinians

Tantura massacre tells the story of the Palestinian village and the immediate events following its capturing in 1948.