Sat 25-May-2024

Hamas: Al-Aqsa flood is natural extension of our people’s resistance to occupation

Wednesday 15-May-2024


The Hamas Movement said that the ongoing Al-Aqsa flood battle has consolidated the solidarity of the Palestinian people inside and outside of Palestine and has proven to the world that Palestinians cannot be defeated, because they do not surrender or abandon their right to their land, freedom, and independence no matter how long it takes, and no matter how strong the enemy is.

The Movement pointed out that the Al-Aqsa flood battle restored the Palestinian cause to its global presence, as a just issue of national liberation, freedom, independence, and self-determination, leading to the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Movement said, in a press statement on Wednesday on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, that “the Al-Aqsa flood battle is a natural extension of our people’s resistance and their legitimate right to defend their land and sanctities.”

The statement added that the 76th anniversary of the painful Nakba comes this year in light of the heroic Al-Aqsa Flood battle in the Gaza Strip in which the resistance has been fighting against the Israeli aggression for over 222 days.

The Movement affirmed that the Zionist occupation, its fascist government, and its Nazi army did not succeed during this war in achieving any of its aggressive goals against our people in the Gaza Strip, despite committing horrific massacres and waging a genocidal war that affected all aspects of human life, in which it used all types of weapons and ammunition.

Hamas mourned the martyred leaders and “all martyrs of our people who fell in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and our Muslim nation, wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded and sick, and urgent freedom of prisoners and detainees from Israeli prisons.”

The Movement also praised the resoluteness of the steadfast people of the Gaza Strip who are enduring all kinds of calamities inflicted by Israel including displacement, killing, bombardment, starvation, and thirst.

Hamas added that the ongoing Zionist aggression for 76 years and the genocide crimes committed in Gaza for more than seven months constitute a sign of shame for all those who remain silent and negligent in exposing and criminalizing the Israeli crimes and those who refrain from working to put an end to the Israeli aggression.

The resistance movement called on the nation and all free people in the world “to exert pressure by all means to stop the Zionist aggression against our land, people, and sanctities, and to support the steadfastness and struggle of our people aspiring to freedom and independence.”

The statement denounced the US administration’s support and bias towards the ongoing Israeli aggression and crimes in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem, condemning the policy of double standards practiced by Western powers in dealing with the issue of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights.

Hamas’s statement also praised Palestinian prisoners -women and men- in Israeli jails, pledging to release them all, warning against escalating Israeli violations and crimes against them, and holding Israel fully responsible for their safety, especially those who were arrested after October 7, 2023.

The Movement’s statement called on the United Nations and human rights and humanitarian institutions to intervene by all means to criminalize and halt Israel’s systematic violations against them.

It also held Israel directly responsible for the continued suffering of millions of Palestinian refugees living in refugee camps inside Palestine and in the diaspora, stressing that their legitimate right to return to their homes from which they were displaced cannot be waived or neglected.

In this context, Hamas urged the United Nations and UNRWA to assume their legal and humanitarian responsibilities in supporting the rights of refugees, providing them with relief and a decent life until their return.

Hamas also addressed the masses of our people, wherever they are, to remain steadfast in the face of the Israeli occupation and its plans.

The Movement hailed the resistance fighters in Jerusalem and the West Bank, calling on them to engage in further clashes with the Israeli occupation army and Israeli fanatic settlers, in defense of their existence and in support of Gaza.

Hamas concluded its statement by paying tribute to the global movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause, calling for continuing such activism in all capitals, cities, and squares of the world, and putting pressure on the countries, governments and institutions that support the Israeli occupation, until the Israeli bloody aggression against the Gaza Strip is put to an end.

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