Wed 24-July-2024

Israel systematically targets and harasses Palestinian Christians

Israel systematically targets and harasses Palestinian Christians.

Israel unleashes its rabid settlers to torch and damage Christian property in occupied Palestine.

Anti-Christian graffiti is a radical Israeli habit especially in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Jesus Christ is a favorite topic.

Spitting on Christians is normal practice.

Palestinian Christians have always complained of Israeli attacks and harassment.

Since 1948 Israel has carried out attacks against 100+ churches and cemeteries in occupied Palestine.

Christian leaders refuse to be singled out and refuse Israeli attacks against Muslims and Christians.

Muslims always rise to defend Christian holy sites against Israeli attacks.

The number of Christians in Jerusalem and Bethlehem has dwindled due to Israeli occupation’s practices.

Israeli settlers block and assault Arab Christians celebrating Holy Saturday in Jerusalem.

Israel usually prevents Gaza Christians from reaching Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Whether you are Muslim or Christian you’ll not be safe from Israeli terror.


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