Fri 17-May-2024

Two prisoners from Gaza die of torture in Israeli jails

Friday 19-April-2024


The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation announced on Thursday evening that two detainees from the Gaza Strip died en route to be interrogated in an Israeli detention center.

No further details were mentioned by the Corporation about the circumstances of the martyrdom of the two Palestinians. However, testimonies from Gazan released prisoners, who were arrested over the past months, confirm that they were subjected to various types of torture and humiliation at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

On March 27, an investigation by Haaretz Hebrew newspaper revealed the martyrdom of 27 detainees from the Gaza Strip in Israeli military facilities in which they had been detained since the beginning of the IOF genocidal war on the Strip.

Haaretz said, in its investigation, that it obtained data indicating that 27 detainees were martyred while being held at the Sde Teyman military base near Beersheba and the Anatot army camp near Jerusalem.

The Israeli army refused to provide any data on the circumstances of the martyrdom of the detainees, but indicated that some of them had been injured in fighting, while others were suffering from complex medical conditions before their arrest, the newspaper added.

According to the testimonies of released prisoners from Gaza, 95% of them did not know their detention places, as they were shackled and blindfolded all the time. None of the human rights institutions, or even the International Committee of the Red Cross, were allowed to obtain any information about them.

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