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Palestinian factions

Resistance factions: Managing Palestinian affairs is a national matter

The Palestinian resistance factions affirmed on Saturday that the commemoration of Land Day this year comes in the midst of the battle of the Al-Aqsa Flood, in which the resistance achieved a strategic transformation in its conflict with the Israeli occupation.

Four Palestinian factions slam Abbas’s decree on forming new government

Four Palestinian factions criticized the decree issued by the Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, appointing Muhammad Mustafa as the head of a new PA government.

Resistance factions: No agreement that doesn't end war on Gaza

Resistance factions: No agreement that doesn’t end war on Gaza

The Palestinian resistance factions affirmed on Wednesday their unified position that there will be no agreement or exchange of deals without a comprehensive cessation of aggression against the Palestinian people.

Hamas delegation meets senior Russian official

A delegation of the Hamas Movement met in Moscow on Friday with Mikhail Bogdanov, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Special Representative of the President of Russia for the Middle East.

Palestinian factions: Resistance must continue against the Israeli aggression on Gaza

The Palestinian factions gathering in Moscow extended their gratitude to Russia for hosting their meetings, as well as for its position in support of the Palestinian cause.

Palestinian factions call for widespread massive campaign to halt aggression on Gaza

The Palestinian factions called on Arab and Muslim governments to take urgent action and exert political pressure at the international level to halt the Israeli aggression and confront displacement plans.

Palestinian factions confirm their refusal of negotiations on prisoners exchange before ceasefire

The Palestinian factions have reaffirmed their unified position that rejects any agreements on prisoner exchange deals unless a comprehensive cessation of the Israeli aggression on Gaza is brought to light.

Factions: Israeli administration plans for Gaza doomed to fail

Palestinian factions have affirmed that the plans of the Israeli leaders to establish a political administration in the Gaza Strip under civilian and other names “will fail in the face of our people's resilience and the courage of our resistance.”

5 Palestinian factions agree that comprehensive ceasefire should precede any prisoner exchange

Five Palestinian resistance factions have affirmed their adherence to their position of halting the Israeli aggression on Gaza before conducting any prisoner exchange and agreed on the formation of a national unity government at a later stage.

Palestinian factions: Ben Gvir’s racist statements against prisoners expose Israel’s fascism

Palestinian factions denounced on Monday the racist statements made by Israeli occupation officials, most recently Ben Gvir’s press remarks calling for executing Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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